What are the items I can register ?

Anything you have and you will be willing to lend to a friend really. It can be a ladder, a stroller, a stereo a bike or a chair…You can register them as items you can lend any day of the year, or only during holidays. Do not forget to mention the specific dates of the availability if there are!

Where are my belongings going to be published ?

On this website of course ! First only on the map, until collecting enough to open the website to those neighbor looking for something to borrow.

What is going to be the guarantee that my items will be returned in good condition ?

The idea is that the neighbor looking for an item to rent will have to register as well, entering his payment details. He will have to pay you a daily price for renting the item. Once it is returned, a reference system will also determinate if the exchange went well. If not, then the team can get involved and take the money required from that people account.

Before getting there, we need to make sure we have enough advertisements and legal advice. If you can help with that, please refer to the next question.

Where does Share to rent want to be established ?

Anywhere really, but mostly in big cities, starting with Berlin, Brussels and Dresden. If you live anywhere else, do not stop yourself, this work mostly with word of mouth so just register yourself, and the network will be created around you !

How can I help the website to improve ?

There are two ways:

Not the least, you can freely leave a donation too !

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