Share to rent wants to help people to find what they need in their neighborhood, and to help other people to earn money with what they already have. The idea came many years ago actually, and I was trying to find something that would offer such as service. The only thing that was missing was the guarantee to keep your lent item in good condition. Well, Share to rent wants to build a deposit system, so if you article is damaged, you get the money to replace it.

Often (and especially as a Mum) we need big things for a limited time and we don’t want to spend thousand of Euros in it. Share to rent can be the solution to that. Here is how it works.

People who have items can register here. For example, I have a maxi cosi that I don’t use everyday. Well, I can put that on rent to help other parents in my neighborhood through the form. 

Those who are looking to borrow an item, will be able to do a search in their neighborhood and see what is there, or to request it directly. They will have to register to the website, register their payment details, so they can pay the owner. This step will be the next to work on as soon as we gathered enough articles.

This is a first trial website, with a lot of participation and money transaction, we can create such a nice platform. Don’t forget to share !