Share to rent

Put your item to rent for a day, or two, …
Get them back safely and earn money with lending them

The map gives only an approximate location.


People often asks in their neighborhood for specific items. There is no platform dedicated to that task only. Also, it is based on trust, with no guarantee to have your item back in good condition.

Well, Share to Rent wants to change that with offering a payment system.

How would the guarantee work ? Simple: People who needs an item from you will also have to register with a method payment. They will be asked to pay more if the items is returned in bad shape. They don’t need to share something in exchange, but to pay a small daily price directly to you.

Register here below and contribute to this new startup. Share with us what you have, pay a little donation and we will share it with the rest of your neighbors.

Don’t know what you have that might be useful? Simply take a look at the Demands page ! You might be able to help someone already.

Yes, as any new project, this require some cost to hire to proper people to make this website clear, easy to use and visible on the market. If you have some skills that can be useful and you are willing to work on your portfolio voluntarily, please write me!

Registration form

Here below you will find the complete form to list your item. You can fill it up as many time as you have items to share. You can find the link to your photo while uploading it here Other websites are fine to use.

You should choose a payment method if you wish to receive money. With the information asked, no money can be taken.